Awards and Recognitions

                                                                            Dr. (Mrs) GAURI MISHRA

Awards & Recognition

~ International Publishing House

For her very profound involvement in the cause of upliftment of women from their age-old shackles of economic dependability, emotional exploitation, superstitious hurdles in the form of beliefs and make them self employed; for steering her brain-child organization Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) with an in-born and "ingrained-on-th-psyche" commitment to lead this International Organization for women through art & craft. An M.A. from Mithila University, Vidya Ratna (Directorate equivalent), a W.I.M fromWashington D.C. and D.A.E. from Leicester, London, Maanji (Rev. Mother) Mrs. Gauri Mishra has also done Political Science, English poetry and Dip. in Journalism from Midland, London, was a research aid to full bright scholar Anthropologist Dr. Raymond Owens and also to Heidelberg Scholar Anthropologist, Dr. Erica (Moser) Smith; was assistant director to "Six Great Artisans of Mithila", is a consultant for UNICEF Project (Film on Shanti Devi - An Artist of the downtrodden class); is a Pioneer of Women's Movement in Mithila; is the Promoter of Mastercraftmen's Association of Mithila (Jitwarpur, Madhubani); has the unique distinction of being patron & Mother-Person for a Short Stay Home (Abhay Ashram - Fearless Cottage) for distressed women of Madhubani; has very rare entreprenurial talent of organising first-ever World Market for Mithila Paintings, such as - Denver Museum Show, Berkeley Museum Exhibition; was an invitee to the Heidelberg Varsity (Germany) sponsored Market Meet; has been conferred with "Governor's Award for Super Social Service. IS A GRAND OLD OF MITHILA, OF WHOM THE WHOLE COUNTRY SHOULD BE PROUD OF (IS RIGHTLY CALLED MOTHER TERESA OF MITHILA).



~ American Biographical Institute


The Board of Directors, Governing Board of Editors and Publications Board of the American Biographical Institute do hereby recognize that Gauri Mishra has been chosen for distinguished standing and has been conferred with an honorary appointment to the Professional Women's Advisory Board 1999.


" CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE" - ( 25th February, 2000)

~ India International Friendship Society
Presented to Smt.Gauri Mishra for outstanding services, achievements and contributions by Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh Hon'ble former Governor of Tamilnadu on the occasion of the significant seminar on "Economic Growth and National Integration" at New Delhi on 25th February, 2000.