Fond Memories


Events of Life

Meeting with (Late) Mother Teressa 
Meeting with Late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi
(Late) Erika (Moser) Shmidt (Friend & Guide, German Anthropologist)
(Late) Raymond Lee Owens (American Anthropologist)
(Late) Naomi Owens (American Anthropologist)
Karen (Woman Program Officer, FORD Foundation)
(Late) Viji Sreenivasan (Friend & Woman Program Officer, Ford Foundation)
Girija Vyas (Senior Political Leader)
Martha Alter Chen (OXFAM America)
Mary Lenius (Professor, Denver University )
Ela Bhatt (Founder and Mother Person, SEWA Ahmedabad)
Deepa Jain (Director, Human Resources)
Geeta Athreya (Consultant)

Willy Gysin (Swiss Red Cross Society, Switzerland)
Nutan Prakash (UNICEF)
Anderson (Ford Foundation)
Amita Paul
Lalita Balakrishnan
And Many more...
                                                                                                                     ~BASED ON THE MEMORY OF GAURIMAA